ITEY Project

Invest Time to Empower Youth formed to enable youth for WORK-LIFE PREPAREDNESS targeting rural college students by keeping at centre ten LIFE SKILLS defined by UNESCO, UNICEF and WHO.


By 2023, India’s population is expected to become the world’s youngest; more than 600 million Indian citizens will be under 25 years of age and more than two thirds of the population will be eligible to work. This means that a growing number of India’s youth need the right educational infrastructure to develop skills and adequate opportunities to get employed or become entrepreneurs

Building academic and technical skills is not enough, as marginalized youth need inspiration and just information alone.. No matter how smart we may be academically, If Youth don’t have proper LIFE SKILLS to go along with it, they won’t be able to cope up with the real-life situations. The Growth and advancement of a country rely on the development and improvement of youthful personalities.

ITEY [ Invest Time to Empower Youth ] is project initiated as part of HaaS Foundations. ITEY focus on youth empowerment to enrich the quality of youth lives using LIFE SKILLS. we believes education needs inspiration, not just information alone. ITEY keeps at centre, the ten core lifeskills defined by UNESCO,UNICEF ,WHO and designed custom modules enriching “core employability skills”, targeting rural college students of India.