HaaS Foundations established to promote areas of Education and Youth Empowerment in an effective, efficient, transparent and accountable manner to make a difference to the communities

Founder Message

Life passes by us gradually every single day if we don’t make an effort to live better. I promised myself that I will improve everyday as a person ,become best version of me and do the best no matter whatever life throws at me. Each one of us can make difference to the lives of others by using their own unique qualities and strengths.

The Growth and advancement of a country rely on the development of Youth. Especially, today youth should be taught the importance of LIFE SKILLS with inspirational life experience stories. I believe only inspired human beings can transform their own lives and lives around them. The aim is to prepare the Youth to be achievers, keen collaborative learners, progressive thinkers, good communicators and responsible citizens.

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ITEY Project

Invest time to Empower Youth using Life Skills to enable core employability skills targeting rular college students​.
By 2023, India’s population is expected to become the world’s youngest

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HaaS SHE Project

Encourage and support Girl Child Education.
The mere absence of an education and the many different set of rules that a girl has to follow according to the norms of the society makes her suffer mentally, emotionally

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Discover U Project

It’s very important to know our strengths and weakness so that we can become better version of ourselves.
We lack to discover our talents because of the environment which is not explored.

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I-Hear-U project

We invest time to listen Youth problems
Counselling gives you a safe place to be heard and it is completely confidential.

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